Cobra Double Horse 9053 26 Inches 3.5 Channel Outdoor Metal Gyro RC Helicopter ---NEW! 9053

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Product Description

The newest model with the latest Gyroscope technology. The regular 3 channels allow you to fly : up, down, turn left, turn right, move forward, backward. This new 3.5 channels does all that, plus it let you control the speed, you can either fly in low or high speed by simply switch the speed control button. There are not many flying around, be the first to own 1 of this beautiful helicopter. This New DH 9053 3.5CH Gyro Metal RC Helicopter is fully assembled with all pre-flight adjustments completed. Simply remove it from the box, charge and insert the batteries, and get ready to take-off. The package is equipped with everything needed to get airborne (except 8 AA batteries for the remote controller).

Product Features

Full function 3.5 channel radio control (turn left, turn right, up, down, forward, backward, can also fly in high or low speed)
3.5 channel digital proportional control.Built in Gyro for Extra Stability
Flies over 100m high. 2 powerful 180 main motors + N20 tail motor
Complete Kit, Ready to Fly (Everything is included and 100% assembled -- only required 8 AA batteries for the radio transmitter to start flying)
Suitable for 14+ ages. Frequencies & Colors vary.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

I agree with some of the things the previous reviewer said, but I think the product deserves more than one star.For the size (it's big) it could've been better.You need to have some experience with helicopters, otherwise you are going to crash it.It's stable alright, but not that stable for a beginner. I was looking for a stable platform that can hover enough to take pictures or short clips.I haven't yet attached any equipment but my guess is the heli can take an extra 30-50 grams easily.

It is powered by 2 cheap 370 stock motors and in spite of the metal body, almost all other parts are plastic. It can take small hits, but a serious crash will damage the helicopter to the point it will become unflyable. Built in gyro seems to be working fine, but I have a vibration into frame at different rpm.(My guess is the fly bar which is easily bendable). I will update my review as I will add more flying time, that's if I don't brake it first.

The transmitter is a cheap 27Mhz (mostly used for cars) and I cannot trust it.
If this was a 2.4 Ghz tx/tx I wouldn't feel sorry for the money.
On a positive note, I like it better than my Walkera 4# Metal Edition.
I really appreciate how the seller handled my order, I received it in a couple of days.

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